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Steve say's "all products proudly made in the USA" 

There are versions of our documents that are made in China found mostly on EBay quality is good, price is cheap, if money is tight they will serve. I used to buy from original company before it was sold and production moved overseas. Mine and hopefully yours are made in Philadelphia PA.

The shop came online April 1 2001 and is operated by Steve Hale, a re-enactor of the 18th century American Revolutionary War and Colonial eras in Connecticut. Steve is a past Captain of Knowlton's Rangers of whom Nathan Hale was a fighting member.  Steve is a member of Ye Old Lebanon Towne Militia in Lebanon, Connecticut whose primary initiative is to re-enact the very same militia unit that existed in 1775.

The interest in the Liberty Bell itself came from my wife Dinah who is a collector of all things related to the bell. If you are ever in Philadelphia and are visiting the bell, as you walk through the exhibits just before you reach the bell there is a giant picture of a room full of liberty bells, that, we are proud to say, is our living-room.

By using PayPal as my credit card merchant no record of your credit card is ever even seen let alone stored on my site. The simple solution to preventing hacks is do not record it in the first place. If I need to refund someone I do it through PayPal and still never see the original number.

Someone could sit down at my desk with every system I use open and logged in....they could cause me an enormous amount of trouble but never get to a customer credit card number.